The 10-year anniversary exhibition and art event of the Napút Art Academy Piliscsaba, 29 September – 1 October 2017


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the NAPÚT Art Academy and the 110th anniversary of the artistic impulse of Rudolf Steiner, an undertaking to host a jubilee painting exhibition and art event, inviting artists from the related arts, representatives of artistic institutions and prominent art experts from Europe. Apart from presenting the achievements of the Academy in the field of painting, it intends to lend space and support – with the intention of forming a community – to a new, experimental form, which invites separate artistic groups and theoretical lecturers to take part in a process of shared creation, thus realizing a universal arts creation. We think of the event created through nearly a hundred participants as a single joint creation, through the composition of painting, drama, music, eurythmy, architecture as well as lectures of thoughts. The central theme of this universal arts creation is: The PATH TO THE MYSTERY OF THE CENTER. We are endeavoring to create organic art which not only grants an experience, but elevates, and not only elevates, but purifies, and not only purifies, but shows the way to our shared spiritual home.

EXHIBITION The theme of our exhibition of paintings is: EAST-WEST, FINDING THE NEW CENTER. We have been working on this rich theme over the past year, presenting the preliminary material in November 2016 in Komarno, Slovakia.

  • Paintings: we plan on creating and exhibiting approximately 100 new paintings relying on the sources of eastern and western art.
  • Winged altar piece and iconostasis: As the main work of art, we will use these two forms of images as representatives of the western and eastern art, which the erected installation will combine into a single work, showing the way to the mystery of the European center.


The exhibition on display for a month will be introduced by a two-day event, which will be hosted at the 400-capacity theater hall at the venue, entitled PATH TO THE MYSTERY OF THE CENTER. As a composition of theoretical lectures and productions of various branches of art which complement one another, we will create a social universal work of art.

  • Lectures: The invited foreign and Hungarian lecturers will touch on the possibilities for the development of art and issues of fate which concern all of us, in the light of Anthroposophy.
  • Artistic productions: The various artistic productions will mainly present the new endeavors of eurythmy, song and music, and drama. All works will be specifically designed for this occasion, through the involvement of a total of approximately 100 artists. This will include performances from new genres, for example, the dramatization of paintings and scientific essays.