Art Camp 2017


Bozsok, 01. July – 9. July 2017.

The main role in  our summer art colony is painting based on antroposophy. The beautiful venue Bozsok and the mansion, offers us many inner and outer spaces – it is an ideal place for everyone who wants to paint and work  in deep peace. 

The Academy preper themself with paintings for the big 10-year anniversary exhibition and art event 2017, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the NAPÚT Art Academy and the 110th anniversary of the artistic impulse of Rudolf Steiner.

Zoltán Döbröntei will follow his lectures with the theme East-West and the Mystery of the Centre.

Under the leadership of Zsolt József Simon continue the so-called „stage door”, for every new participant who wants to join  our Academy. Zsolt gives drawing and painting exercises. The tasks are given individually so everyone can improve their skills in their own speed.

There are beautiful places for just sitting and talking in the inner courtyard of the castle , or at the mill’s intimate spaces. Walking under the stars through the castle-park, hearing the babbling brook.

Mornings you can go to swim, there is a nice  lake surrounded by mountains in Rohonc (8 min. by car).You can also make Bothmer Gymnastics every morning with J.Zsolt Simon in the castle park.

It is possible  also to make an excursion to Léka’s knight-castle.

In the host place castle, there are iceboxes in the rooms, so you can easily take care for your cold beer, breakfast and dinner. We have  warm lunch together every day.

We are waiting for all young and old people, pairs and peerlesses, singles, artists, and amateurs, curiouses, and vacationists.

Price for the whole week: 330,-Euro,
incl.:accomodation, warm lunch, translation, lectures

With love,

Edina Bíró and Helga Hódosi

+36 70 386 6064