Napút (Sunway) Art Academy is Hungary’s first fine arts school and community whose work is based on Anthroposophy. The Academy was founded by the initiative of Zoltan Döbröntei, painter and Zsolt József Simon, ceramic artist on the centenary of Rudolf Steiner’s art impulse in 2007.

The aspiration of artistic schooling at the Academy is to unfold independent creative capabilities and at the same time to bring everyone’s uniqueness into harmony with one’s work within and for the community.

The training is built on new approaches of practises in painting, drawing and sculpting. These practises are complemented by Anthroposophical art lectures, portray-analysis, movement exercises and the shared forming of festivals of the year’s cycle. Each year’s study is concluded by a week-long, summer artist retreat with local and international artists.

On our trainings novices and experienced artists can work together however for the beginners we provide specific schooling where students are able to learn the basics of drawing, oil painting, moulding and the fundamental laws of image forming.

Experienced, more advanced artists develop their skills further by working on specific spiritual themes. We offer these students a deepened colour study and the thorough analysis of the relationship of man, social life and portray, essentially based on Goethe’s aesthetics and the spiritual research of Rudolf Steiner.

The Academy endeavours to develop a new, organic art in painting, in which it tirelessly stands by and perseveres to represent portray. The Academy feels it to be its task to contribute to the renewal of Christian art and aspires to lift the empty images of the 21st Century with imaginative artistic intelligence to the ever-present spiritual and moral world.

The Academy consciously, progressively builds its creative, spiritual community being aware of the fact that only the I is able of creating such a community where it can advance further than itself. The I and the community form and develop each other. In this forming development art is capable of unfolding and passing on its blessings.  

The vitality, the lifeline of art is the community and in it the creating individual. In this community the artists and the recipients look at talent as a mutual asset therefore getting inspiration from each other’s work and insights provides fundamental values.

Artists of Napút exhibit regularly in Hungary and throughout Europe.