ZOLTÁN DÖBRÖNTEI artist, painter (painting, colour studies, leader teacher of the school)
           Döbröntei Zoltán munkái   

Studied at the Fine Art Academy of Hungary, where he graduated as painter. He taught painting in several waldorf institute, such as waldorf teacher training and waldorf schools. He taught painting at the Hungarian Bothmer Gymnastic Course as well. He founded himself several experiential art training /school with other anthroposophical artists (drama, music) and scientists (for example, Hauschka group members) where they had been researching the relation between art and science. At our academy he teaches painting and gives lectures in the theme of color studies (Steiner, Goethe), art history and art philosophy. Online portfolio of Zoltán Döbröntei:


ZSOLT JÓZSEF SIMON designer, Bothmer-gymnastics teacher (drawing, movement, sculpting)

              Simon Zsolt József munkái

Graduated at the Moholy- Nagy University of Art and Design as silicate designer and visual art and culture teacher.  He finished successfully the Hungarian Bothmer Gymnastics Course, where he received a diploma as a teacher for adults. Ha had been learning anthroposophical art in different art institute and courses. Ha taught in different waldorf institutes and courses drawing, painting and clay modeling. At our academy he teaches Bothmer Gymnastics, drawing, painting and clay modeling. Online portfolio of Zsolt József Simon:

Zoltán and Zsolt has been working together since 1998. Beside the basic teachers there are several other teachers supporting the course.