Napút (Sunway) Art Academy has started its 3 year-long thematic training in September 2007. This is a unique Anthroposophical Art Course in Hungary. Before this Napút Free Art school there was an another one with the same name led and founded by Zoltán Döbröntei.

Between 1992-1997 there was an experimental art school named Presence Free Art School. This school’s aim was to research the relations between different art forms and to educate concentration, in order to develop the participants skills . Students could learn drama, music and painting.

Between 1997-1999 there was Scarabeus Art Workshop, where the participants could experiment the common fields and relations between ART and SCIENCE. The students had done a performance or exhibition in every half year together with Hungarian Hauschka scientists group.

Between 1999-2002 in the Napút Free Art College we could offer a real option to those who couldn’t enter the state art universities or were looking for new ways in art.

This Napút (Sunway) Art Academyis a development of the previous one and this is why we call it Napút II.

The teachers give knowledge about Aesthetics of Goethe and Study Colors of Rudolf Steiner. Based on this knowledge they teach painting and art perception to the participants.