Prof. Dr. phil. Reinhold J. Fäth 

Prof. Dr. phil. Reinhold J. Fäth was born in Germany in 1956. He travelled a lot in the world and studied art, primarily painting and graphic art, Anthroposophical art therapy, later, furniture design. Reinhold works actively alternating between all of these fields, furthermore as a writer, curator and university lecturer. His field of research is the crisis of Contemporary art and Anthroposophical art history.

 David Newbatt 

I am an artist and teacher with forty five years experience of living in Camphill communities, primarily as an artist but channelling my creativity onto social, pedagogical and therapeutic aspects of life both in Camphill communities and Waldorf schools and other endeavours here in Britain and other parts of the world. My own art is in continuous development partly through the love of experimentation and risk and partly through being inspired and challenged by the many varied commissions, activities and people that come my way. My life has had to be a balance between practical and social demands and personal artistic endeavour.

Zoltán Döbröntei

Zoltán Döbröntei was born in Celldömölk, Hungary in 1959. He is an artist, painter, projectionist, furniture restorer. He taught in public and Waldorf schools also at the Waldorf teachers training institute.  Zoltán also works as an editor at the Free Thought Journal and he is the founder of and teacher at the Naput Art Academy.