Artemis Eurythmie Theater

Art Director: Mária Scheily

All members of the group work in schools however with some sacrifice they gain inspiration and strength for their teaching through their artwork.The group gets invited regularly to perform throughout Hungary and abroad. Apart from new, yearly, full evening shows, the group performs children programs in schools, presents regularly to their ever growing fan and support group and at various year cycle celebrations.

Rudolf Steiner Szeminárium

It is the goal of the Rudolf Steiner Seminar to support and cultivate the cultural, scientific and artistic values based on Rudolf Steiner’s work, and also to represent and to convey these values in the world…



Dante Ggroup

Dante group is a fresh, new initiative which started on the 6th of November 2016. The antecedents were programs, workshops, performances that aimed to expand the theatre culture that has been nurtured in Waldorf schools.