The Renewal of Christian Art

The art of our age has been facing a great challenge since the beginning of the 20th Century that is to incorporate the inspiration of the spiritual world in the process of creation. Art has always been inspired and nourished by the spiritual and we have to do this with conscious awareness, the clear will of our individual spiritual self. It is therefore necessary for our individual presence to become stronger in the work.

From all this serious questions arise in practice. Will the creative process suffer under the weight of thoughts? Will the creation’s spring dry out if the light of the spiritual Sun wants to live in it? Can we bring together consciousness and creative art? And when they meet does art need to become intellectual and abstract? Or we have to live with the idea that the art of the future cannot herald of the common spiritual world, but only can follow the rational thoughts of the head.

 Can the facts of spiritual insight, the beings and processes of the spiritual world be portrayed at all? Or should we stay with the images of the sensory, physical and with the impressions of the soul in art? Can we have an organic art that shows vividly that is beyond sensory perception? Can we be creative in the spirit of spiritual realism?Of course, the essence of these questions is whether there is a spirit, a spiritual world, or we understand spirit to be the activities of the soul? This is a turning point! Art came to a crossroads.


One can see from all phenomena of contemporary art that the light of cognition wants to connect itself with the mystery of creation. But only the higher forms of cognition, imagination, inspiration, and intuition are able to capture and fertilize art that happens in higher consciousness. The intellectualism of ordinary consciousness and perceptual thinking draws down the work constantly. Our thinking has to rise to the height of creation, it needs to become artistic. This is a demand arising from the existence of our unfolding spiritual self. It is a dangerous and lofty, but definitely necessary stage of development.


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However, for healthy art, not only is it necessary that higher cognition should somehow be organized into the process of creation and lead the seeing forces, but also to awaken in the artists a higher moral responsibility for their own creative activity. This is still a very novel thing, however a skill that is greatly needed for the future! Every moment of creation has an effect on the body-soul-spiritual members of man. It is necessary to learn to perceive the way good flows in forms arts and how these forms can be blessings or wounding in social life.



It then becomes visible that the power of art unfolds in social life, in the spiritual sphere of peoples. Peoples have art. Although persecuted, sick, denied, but wanting to heal, folk still carry art. The archangels of the peoples gather the substance in which the power of art flows and is transposed from man to man. The avant-garde currents and aspirations vigorously isolate the individual from any higher forms of community. One must stand against this influence because art cannot exist without community. It is healthy for the peoples (folks) to have their art again and to heal in art again. The eternal task of art is to make visible how the destiny of the individual relates to the destiny of others, and the destiny of the community. The life tasks of the individuals’ are arranged by the mission of the folk soul into a harmonious whole. Without understanding this, we wander aimlessly and fall apart.


The spiritual reality of the peoples can no longer be neglected. There is a great need for artists who sense the mission of peoples and make them known in their art. This is the sphere where Christ is active. The Resurrected Christ captured the individual human self-being from within, from self to self, in other words it impacted socially. In our days the Resurrection power of Christ has further expanded and now wants to capture the each folks/peoples. Christ appeared in the etheric sphere of folk spirit to make each nation brothers of each other. It is the only way of peace! We need to find the way we portray the form of the Resurrected. Blessed are all attempts!



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We have to be aware of the fact that the over 100-year-old artistic impulse of Anthroposophy has not brought overwhelming success. With the historical clarification of the reasons, it would be very timely to wake up from our daze and form practical questions in regards to creative work. Theoretical answers do not matter much.How can we move forward in regards to accepting higher cognition in the creative process? Furthermore how can we advance in regards to our esoteric responsibility for creation?The former founds modern art education and the latter builds a renewed Christian art.For all this, it would be necessary to create an Anthroposophical University of Art founded by responsible European artists to co-ordinate and harmonize our strengths, our researches and results and to further grow them in love.  Zoltán Döbröntei2018