Döbröntei Zoltán: Epiphany, 2019. 

2021 – Programm Plan

19 – 26 April, BERLIN – Christengemeinschaft, Ausstellung + Vortraege

30 April – 2 Mai,  STUTTGART – Rudolf Steiner Haus, Ausstellung – Workshop

Mai ,  BERN, Christengemeinschaft – Ausstellung

14 – 16 Mai, FRANKFURT – Christengemeinschaft, Ausstellung

26 Mai – 5 June, BUDAPEST,  Internationales Project: Strebender Parzival  und  verwundeter Amfortas.

24 – 30 September, BODENSEE, Internationales Kunstfestival 

‘Stil und Geist’ – Ausstellung – Vortraege – Workshop

6 October – 31 Dezember, BASEL, Gruppenausstellung: Strebender Parzival  und verwundeter Amfortas, mit Vortrag, Basler Scala

                                                               Döbröntei Zoltán: Epiphany 2019

Stil und Geist – Kunstfestival

Schloss Hohenfels Bodensee
24.-26. September 2021 (Kernveranstaltungen)
23.-30. September 2021 (Workshops)

Wer hätte nicht schon etwas „über das Geistige in der Kunst“
gehört oder gelesen?
Was aber heißt Geist? Welches Verhältnis besteht zwischen Kunst und Religion?
Wie und wo lebt heute Spiritualität in der Kunst? Gibt es eine verborgene Kontinuität
spirituell-künstlerischen Schaffens vom Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts bis heute? – von
Wassily Kandinsky und Franz Marc, Hilma af Klint und Jakoba van Heemskerck – bis zu
uns? Bis zu denjenigen unter uns, die einer Meditativen Moderne angehören?

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Sommerakademie in Schweizer Jura 9 – 15 August 2020 

Sommerakademie in Jura 2020. (4)

Zoltán Döbröntei: Heiliger Michael der gegen den Virus Kämpft

Heiliger Michael, der gegen den Virus kämpft (1)

Ausstellung in Nürnber 29 April – 3 Mai 2020


Handzettel Ausstellung

Ausstellung in München 31 Január – 2 Februar  2020

Programm 1-2020

2019 Novembertagung – Sektion der Bildende Künste Goetheanum
Tagung, Goetheanum, 2019. Nov.


Ausstellung in Stuttgart, Paulus – Kapelle 20 – 24 November 2019


2018 December

As the latest station of the NAPÚT Art Academy’s European itinerant course, on the subject of „Renewal of Christian Art”, Döbröntei Zoltán gave three presentations and workshops in the studio at Neue-Kunstschule of Basel.
The presentations displayed the estrangement of painting from life, at the same time demonstrating how it could be reinstated in the blood flow of social life.
In opposition to the overpowering and much supported Luciferic and Ahrimanic cultural trends, we must strive for the art of the center and we must create the conditions necessary for existence.
We must recognize that while imagery and portrayal have been eliminated from painting, on the other hand, an excessive amount of consciousness-altering pictures are being produced. In order to reestablish balance, questions of art must be connected to social questions. Thereby, both spheres will heal.

The „Paintings for Workplaces” program interconnects the triplicity of the customer, the creator and the supporter in a new way.
We are looking for institutions, workplaces, where the workers would like to support their work by the spiritual forces of paintings. To enable this, we are in search of supporters, who recognize the practical benefits of paintings and would be willing to financially support the pieces of art going to the workplaces.
For this to happen, the artists must step out of the enclosed world of creating for themselves, to be able to create accountably for communities and institutions.

We are exploring further possibilities of shared creation and research with several sophisticated anthroposophical painters, who took part in our program for artists.

The 2019 art colony in Prague is being developed in this spirit.


October 2018.

Zoltán Döbröntei has arrived  to New York from Hungary to be Free Columbia’s resident artist for the month of October.

“On November 1, 2018 the Community Hospice of Columbia/Green Counties received a new painting for their community room painted by Hungarian artist Zoltán Döbröntei. Zoltán spent the last month doing an ART/Capital residency with Free Columbia, an arts initiative based in Philmont, NY. In addition to the painting for Hospice, Zoltán Döbröntei painted a painting for the Rudolf Steiner Library in Hudson, NY and one for the future High Falls Theater in Philmont, NY.

The ART/Capitol residencies are structured as free cultural events. The artists are supported to create, and part of the residency includes making the art available to the community at large. As with all activities at Free Columbia, donations are continually invited and accepted and will go toward supporting future projects. The intention is that creativity is placed in a community context as a goal, as the new concept of capital referred to by German artist Joseph Beuys “Money and capital cannot be an economic value, capital is human dignity and creativity. And so, in keeping with this, we need to develop a concept of money that allows creativity, or art, so to speak, to be capital. Art is capital.” This should clearly sever the events from considerations of production, money as wealth creation, and the convention of viewing art as an investment for storing other values.

The ART/Capital Residencies are a collaboration between Free Columbia and Lightforms – Art+Spirit, a new art center soon to be based in Hudson NY.”
(Laura Summer and Nathaniel Williams, NY.)



International Art Colony in Prague 2019.

29. July  – 11. Aug.  2019







2018. october

“Zoltán Döbröntei will come to Philmont
from the 9th to the 30th of October and create
three paintings in dialogue with specific local