October 2018.

Zoltán Döbröntei has arrived  to New York from Hungary to be Free Columbia’s resident artist for the month of October.

“This ART/capital Residency is a collaboration between Free Columbia and Lightforms-Art + Spirit – an arts center soon to be located in the neighboring town of Hudson. In January 2018 Free Columbia began collaborating with Lightforms-Art + Spirit, to offer Free Culture Residencies to selected visual artists from near and far. Artists all over the world are bearing inner riches like seeds in search of gardens, in search of sun and rain and nurture. We need these seeds today more than ever, as we need nature, as we need connection to sky and earth, and to each other; Free Columbia and Lightforms have come together to make studio space, practical support, and an annual fund available in service to nurturing creativity in and for community.

Zoltán Döbröntei will create three paintings in dialogue with specific local sites. Zoltán said once, “The eternal task of art is to make visible how the destiny of the individual relates to the destiny of others, and the destiny of the community…”

Zoltán Döbröntei is a Hungarian artist and founder and leader of the Napút Academy in Hungary. The name “Napút” can be translated as “Sunway.” It is the first and only of its kind in Hungary, an artistic and research-based community with arts education as the main activity, though also weaving in the study of natural sciences.

Within one day of his arrival Zoltan visited all of the places where his paintings will hang, talked with people about their hopes for what his paintings can bring, set up his studio and began to paint.Yesterday he finished dinner and headed out to the studio again. We are so grateful that he is here and also so grateful that his wife Maria has accompanied him and is translating for us.

If you would like to join us on November 3, Saturday, for an open studio festive farewell with both Zoltan and Jason Healy, our summer resident artist, do mark your calendars now. If you would like to meet Zoltan and Maria during the month of October please come to our every Wednesday night potluck suppers.

The images above are paintings by Zoltán Döbröntei


International Art Colony in Prague 2019.

29. July  – 11. Aug.  2019







2018. october

“Zoltán Döbröntei will come to Philmont
from the 9th to the 30th of October and create
three paintings in dialogue with specific local