Summer Course Hungary 2018.


Portrayal of  Resurrection – Power of Vision

How to portray the Resurrection?
How is the spiritual present int he sensual? And how could we portray it?
What kind of tools has the Art for ethereal painting?
What would be the modern Christ picture?

With this question we would like to challange painters to a „debate”, which  inspire the practical work.

Representing the Academy, the painter Zoltán Döbröntei will give lectures in this topic and will show the result of his antroposophical research.

We invite artists, creative people, students from all over the world to this Seminar who are interested in  this topic or doing their research in this special field. We welcome thoughts, sketches and even works to present.

Venue: Zsennye, Castle Bezeredj, Hungary

Renovated Castle with a big park with ancient trees, full board with delicious menu.


Participation Fee:  330,-EUR (full pension and translation cost)